Figuring out a healthy meal for a toddler, especially after a long tiresome day at work or even after endless house chores, is always a challenge. At night your kid needs your attention most, yet they also need to get a healthy meal for the night.  These toddler dinner ideas and recipes will make your life easier!

To tempt your toddler’s taste buds, we’ve carefully chosen dishes that are delicious as well as colorful. They’re simple to prepare, and above all, offer a range of nutrients that your kid needs to develop strong and healthy.

Always try to keep it simple! Serving toddler meals does not have to be complicated, and these young ones often enjoy foods that are very simple and straight forward.

1. Roast chicken

Toddlers are usually not keen on meat, but that doesn’t mean they won’t be happy to tuck into a roast chicken. A few pieces of properly prepared roast chicken served with chunks of cheese for calcium will leave your baby craving for more. To take care of minerals and vitamins, strawberry and kiwi slices will do.

Do you want to bring more variety to your toddler’s mealtime? Worry no more, Try cooking the chicken with different seasonings like garlic, lemon,ginger, or herbs. Again, a tablespoon of tinned sweetcorn will add great colour and fiber.

2. Fruit and yogurt parfait

Not only is this eye catching but also healthy. Either fresh or frozen, berries are an easy go-to base for a layered parfait that can also come in hand with granola, cereal or yogurt.

Allow your big kid toddler to decide how they would like their layers served, and always obey their decision-this arouses more interest in this dish. Like yoghurt first? Two layers of strawberries? They like a drizzle of honey on top? Your kid got it! Just do as per their request.

3. Tunna patties

Tuna patties are a great budget dinner option that even the whole family can enjoy. With a crunchy exterior, these patties are made of potato, tunna, and diced vegetables and their delicacy is not negotiable, especially when served with a green salad.

Add potato mash to tuna mixture, season with salt and pepper then fold ingredients together until well combined. Shape patties using your hand. Heat a large frying pan; add oil and once heated, place the patties in the oil and fry until golden brown.

4. Toad in the hole toast

Need for another pure source of great protein? Worry no more. The 6 grams trusted source in a large egg-which nestles inside toast in “toad in the hole” is here to do away with your worries.

Simply use a heart or star or any other shaped cookie cutter to make a hole in a piece of bread then go ahead to cook in a skillet with an egg cracked in the hole. Whole wheat bread served with a side of fruit will take care of fibre and extra nutrients.

5. Veggie fried rice

If you already have cooked rice at hand then you are just a single step from preparing an easy toddler-friendly dinner. Adding vegetables and some proteins to fried rice is endlessly customizable and will go a long way to giving your child a perfect meal for the night. In a skillet, cook prepared rice with frozen mixed vegetables (or any veggies of your liking). Add one or two cracked eggs and scramble then dress lightly with sesame oil and soy sauce.

6. Veggie soup

How do you persuade your little one to try and take several vegetables at once? Vegetable soup however messy, is a great way to convince your toddler that it’s possible to take several vegetables at once and still feel fresh and full. Simply add pasta to your toddler’s extra energy and serve it with crackers and sugar-free apple puree.

Make sure to monitor the amount of food your kid consumes since the delicacy that veggie soup comes with doesn’t fulfill the desire to continue taking more.

6. Turkey skillet hash

This is a simple dinner which should not worry you. Preparing Turkey is easy.

Heat olive oil in a large skillet, then put in garlic and diced onions followed by ground Turkey. Once cooked, put the turkey mixture aside and use the same skillet to cook veggies(just any of your choice which your kid likes), such as zucchini or bell peppers. Season it to your liking and let it cool before serving it to your almost sleepy kid.

7. Quesadilla

Sandwiches may be too much and boring at times. Mexican quesadillas is a great substitute for sandwiches. Just load a tortilla with softly cooked beans and cheese, then roll up and cut into pinwheels that are fun for tiny fingers to pick.

To finish up the meal, a tub of sour cream dip, crunchy red pepper sticks and sticky raisins or dates will do a great job.

8. Rice and black beans

Don’t always be a boring mother, sometimes add some little Caribbean taste to your toddler’s meal with traditional favourite of rice and black beans. A dollop of tomatoes salsa will add extra flavor, and a serving of banana or avocado plus some cheese rounds off the meal.

Don’t worry with the messy nature of this dish, it’s just a great way to motivate your baby to be an explorer of new flavors and textures.

9. Tomato sauce and pasta

This is a classic favourite with kids allover. Even the fussiest of eaters will like it. Just top with grated cheese and serve with banana slices with cucumber chunks for an all round balanced meal.

Just in case you’ve got time, try your own pasta sauce with lots of extra fresh veggies. Still if you prefer ready-made sauces, go for ones made specifically for children preferably with little or no sodium carbonate.

10. Hummus on toast

Humus plus avocado if you don’t know, are both packed with goodness. When served together, they make a delicious flavour combination that even the rest of the family salivates for. Your kid may however prefer his avocado on the side of the dish rather than on the toast. For a complete and varied meal, serve with roast courgette, tzatziki dip and mixed berries. For younger toddlers, cut any large berries that they can’t properly consume in half for fear of chocking.