Knowing when and how to start a family can be overwhelming and also confusing. While it can be one of the greatest and most rewarding actions you will ever take, it can be one of the most engaging moments of your life.

Children can bring joy and happiness to your family, but they require many things as well. Care, attention, love, patience, tolerance, just to mention. You will also have to go deeper into your pockets.

This is the reason why getting the right time and way to bring a baby into your life and relationship is such a big deal. So before considering adding a baby to your relationship, be sure that you and your partner are ready to undertake this task.

If you are not prepared, it will just cause rambles to your relationship and even end up hurting your kid or kids. However, with some planning and laying proper strategies, couples will be better able to start a successful family.

Below are some tips

1. Prepare yourself emotionally

This is probably the most important thing of all because if you are not emotionally prepared to raise a child, then don’t even have that thought. You must be ready to be a parent.

You must be ready to start focusing your life on protecting and providing for some small creature who will be dependent on you for a very long time.

It’s better you first come to the realization that this is going to be a time in your life that everything is not going to work out normally, before you decide going that direction.

It is even far from the responsibility of taking care of a baby, it’s more of listening to what your logistics tell you. Try to imagine yourself as a parent, and if that picture sounds appealing to you, then you are good to go.

2. Build a stable and healthy relationship

A baby is not coming to fix a shaken relationship. Make sure you spend sufficient time developing a solid courting first. You and your partner need to be on the same page and support each other.

Make sure all the knots are figured out on your relationship first. Couples generally tend to underestimate the giant emotional effect that a toddler may have on their conjugal relationship, but this matters a lot.

If you still feel things are a bit shaky, it’s generally advisable to hold a break and try to return things in the right direction before thinking about getting children.

However, if you are in a strong relationship which is full of love and respect, then go ahead and discuss having a child. If you want to be a single parent, then figure out how will the lack of a partner affect your life as well as that of your child and whether you can provide for the child on your own without support. If you believe in yourself and can go against all odds, the powers.

3. Negotiate parental role divisions

It’s a common thing for people to make assumptions about who will undertake what responsibilities once the child is born. If a couple doesn’t discuss these role divisions beforehand, your assumptions may lead to a conflict since there is a very high chance for argument about who does what responsibilities.

To avoid confusion and conflict, come to an agreement before the baby arrives about what each of you expects from the other when it comes to parental roles and responsibilities.

This will help both of you be on the same page so that each one knows their responsibility without having to be reminded. Some people are also into the traditional way of doing things, where the child is basically the mother’s responsibility without any negotiation. This should not be the case. Let it be more of a 50-50 division of labor.

4. Know what it takes.

To raise a healthy and happy child, you must be able to provide the right environment in which they can thrive. While material things such as clothing and food are essential, you also need to show them love, nurturing and most importantly, your time and patience.

A child will not grow up in a few months and start walking, you’ll have to wait for years before you can even start sending them to the shop. All this time, you’ll be responsible for doing almost everything for them, including cleaning their mess.

You need to be strong and healthy if you want to handle all those sleepless nights and make sure you are always covered in case of any unexpected happening.

It’s in fact advisable to consider getting insurance before you get a baby because that will help keep your family secured in case of any emergency. Generally, prepare yourself for a lot of work, because as a parent you’re bound to get busy.

5. Get a pet

This sounds hilarious, but research has revealed that more than 60 percent of couples in the US always consider getting a pet together before they get pregnant. It is a common storyline that a lot of romances seem to follow; but sincerely there is a lot of sense in it.

The argument here is, ‘if we can keep a dog alive, then we can be responsible enough to be parents’. It is a very good approach to gauge your readiness for a child in many aspects of your life, and also can be a good indicator if you are still far from being a parent.

Again, if you get a pet together, you can learn so much about yourself, about the other person, and about how the two of you work as a team.

6. Get your finances ready

Children are very expensive, and this is no lie. From childcare and education to clothes, school supplies, food, and many other things which will obviously come on the way, having a child will drain your finances if you aren’t well set.

To plan for a child, consider your sources and amount of income. There are other baby care items which are in fact basic-nappies, nursery furniture, toys, formula, babysitter (optional).

Bringing up a child is a wonderful stage in life, but it’s advisable for people in a relationship to first do as much preparation as possible before a baby arrives.