As a mom, you need to have your hospital bag checklist in order. You must consider packing for yourself, the baby, and your partner. The question is, what should you pack?

As your due date approaches, it deems fit that you get your hospital bag packed. There is a need for you to start packing as early as week 36. Below is an extensive hospital bag checklist that you need to consider when packing. 

Things to pack for yourself

Before you even consider packing for your unborn baby, it deems fit that you pack a bag for yourself. Here is a list of things that you need to pack. 

1. Birth plan 

You need to bring your birth plan to the hospital. Therefore, ensure to make more than three copies. The birth plan will act as a point of reference. Make a copy for your nurses, the hospital room where you will be assigned, your copy, and some extra ones for the midwives or the doctor. 

2. Robe

You need to have a robe or two packed in your hospital bag. A robe is not only comfortable but keeps you warm. You need to consider remarkable clothing for your postpartum period. Therefore, ensure to pack some robes in the bag. 

3. Toiletries 

When packing the hospital bag, a significant number of women forget the toiletries. You need to keep yourself kempt and presentable even after delivery. Therefore, consider having a hairbrush, a toothbrush, shampoo, face wipes, dry and wet wipes, deodorant, and a lip balm, among other everyday toiletries that you use. 

4. Clothes 

You need to have a change of clothes packed in the bag. Choose comfortable clothes that will be ideal for you after delivery. You also need to consider packing a nursing bra. Where you need warm but straightforward clothes, consider pajamas. Have two or so pairs packed as well as some sleep pants. 

You can never foretell the time you will be in labor, and you must consider shoes that are light and comfortable. 

5. Drinks

You need to drink up to avoid dehydration. Therefore, ensure to have water packed in your bag. When buying the water, consider the ones with reusable bottles. There are other fluids that you can consider like the electrolyte drink or coconut water, which are also healthy.

6. Cell phone charger

You need to consider keeping your phone’s battery full. Therefore, ensure to have a cell-phone charger or charging cord packed. When choosing the cable, consider buying a long one. Hospital beds are far from the electrical outlet, and you do not need surprises. 

7. Nipple cream

It is not always that you decide on breastfeeding. Nonetheless, where you are of the idea, you should consider buying and packing a nipple cream. The cream will work proactively and miraculously on your nipples. 

8. Adult diapers 

You need to pack some adult diapers. The diapers are always remarkable when compared to pads or meshed underwear. Therefore, ensure to identify the best quality diapers for adults and pack several. 

9. Towels

You need to remain comfortable before delivery and after delivery. Therefore, consider packing your towels. The towels availed by the hospitals are never long, and they are light. Thus, carrying some towels will enable you to have your bath pleasurably.

When packing the towels, ensure to incorporate some pillows as well. Comfort is necessitated. 

10. Bluetooth speaker

Some women appreciate it when some music is playing during labor. Therefore, ensure to pack portable Bluetooth enables speakers. Take time to develop a playlist before you pack. It is not always that you will use the speakers even after selecting your playlist keenly. Some women prefer silence instead of soothing music. 

Packing a bag for the baby

The baby should have a bag designated for all the items they need after birth. Below is what you need to incorporate in the hospital bag checklist. 

1. a comfortable car seat

A significant number of mums will be driving home. If this is the case, you need to consider a car seat for the baby. The hospital will never permit you to drive the baby home without the car seat. Therefore, ensure to make arrangements on the installation of the seat in your vehicle. 

2. Baby’s outfit

You need to pack some clothes for your baby. When choosing the clothes, ensure to choose one that is bigger than the other. You can never foretell whether the baby is big or small in size.

When choosing an outfit, you should always consider a pair of socks, newborn shoes, and a hat. Ensure to choose a presentable outfit. You can have the kid wear it when going home. 

3. Pack contact details of your pediatrician

Upon arrival, your baby will need a pediatrician. While in the hospital, the nurses, midwives, or the doctors will keep asking for your pediatrician’s contact and details. The contact details will enable the hospital to forward your child’s medical history fast and easily. 

4. Bottles

Not all moms settle for breastfeeding. Where you plan on using formulas or feeding the baby with bottles, you should consider packing several. Where you are to use baby formula, consider carrying some to the hospital. 

5. Baby diapers and wipes

The hospital will always provide all the diapers necessitated by your newborn. Therefore, consider not packing any. 

A bag for your partner

Where you have a partner who will be accompanying you to the hospital and staying there, their hospital bag checklist should incorporate toiletries and clothes. Apart from these, the partner needs to make sure they have enough snacks. 

You can never tell the duration of your labor, and your partner will benefit more when the snacks are available. They also need to drink up, and you must pack water and other fluids. 

Having a book, a laptop, and a phone with headphones is beneficial. Therefore, consider packing your partner’s favorite books, their computer, iPad, and headphones. 

A pillow, towels, and a sleeping bag should be available as well. Your partner needs comfort at night, and they also need enough warmth. 

The three bags must be made available and must be arranged keenly. The packing helps affirm your preparedness for the soon-coming baby. There is always a need for you to countercheck the checklist and ensure that everything is availed.

What should I pack for baby hospital bag?

Mmake sure you have carried some going home outfits, small diapers, baby seat, some blankets and baby wipes.

What should I pack in my hospital bag for labor?

Ensure you have your Id or the insurance papers, dressing gown, slippers, lip balm, lotion water spray and sponge

What should I bring to the hospital for delivery

Ensure you have, dressing gown, slippers, nursing bra, lotion, socks underwear, hair ties and toiletries.

What is a birth plan?

A birth plan is a document that lets your medical team know your labor and delivery preferences in regards to things like pain management, postpartum care, and newborn procedures.