Kids love playing games, whether it’s outdoors or indoors, and if you can add some excitement into their life, they will grow up to be productive and successful members of society.

Games are an excellent way to develop emotional intelligence, a sense of empathy, intellectual and creative skills, and builds upon existing hand-eye coordination and agility, all of which are needed in school and for future careers. Playing games as a group teaches many of these things.

Again, when you play together, you learn and get used to being part of a team; you practice doing things according to other people’s styles and accept their ideas.

People also learn to listen to other people’s perspectives and try new things. Group games for kids are therefore essential for a child’s emotional, physical, and social development.

So now you have the breakdown of how important and beneficial group games can be for your kids. Here is a list of six fun-filled and educational group games for kids; your children can play them at home and school.

1. Blind Man’s Bluff

Blind Man’s Bluff is one of the most iconic group games that dates back to the Tudor times. Your kids will have a blast playing this game.

What you need

A black cloth material, safe playing ground

How it’s played

Simply choose one kid, or even better as for someone to volunteer to be’it’. After you’ve got ‘it’, blindfold him so that he won’t be able to see. Once you are sure they are completely out of sight, spin them around a few times so that they are thrown off a little bit.

This game aims to find the person who can walk a long distance while blindfolded and tag other kids to take the role of the ‘it’. It’s better you make it competitive by timing them to identify who goes the longest distance within the stipulated time. Always remember to monitor the safety of the blindfolded kids to ensure they are not hurt.

2. Stealing the Bacon

Don’t be troubled. There is no stealing or any bacons involved. Here is what happens.

What you need

Household items like clothes, sandals, toys, etc

How it’s played

Put a reasonable number of kids into two groups, splitting them apart looking at each other in a parallel line. Assign numbers to members of each group that corresponds to their counterpart (give the same number to different group members who are facing each other).

Create a gap between the groups and put a toy at the center. Shout out a random number so that whichever member of either who grabs the toy first becomes the winner. Play several times so that most, if not all the kids can get a chance to emerge the winner at some given moment.

3. Cat and Mouse

A charming and fun group game that will make you recall the exemplary Tom and Jerry days! This game should mostly be played outside, but if you have large sufficient space, then still it can be played inside.

What you need

5 to 10 kids.

How to play

First, you need to pick one kid to be the cat and another to be the mouse. Every other person should form a big cycle holding hands together. The kids in the cycle will start saying some riddle while going round the cycle. Once the rhyme is finished, the children stop moving and the cat begins to chase the mouse.

The catch is, the cat MUST follow the mouse’s path. The kids can weave in and out of the circle chasing each other in a way that’s sure to cause maximum excitement and a lot of laughs! Once the cat has caught the mouse, you can nominate another two kids to take a turn. The game is repeated until everyone becomes Tom and Jerry.

4. Bob, The Weasel

This game involves locating hidden objects and playing with someone’s psychology. It’s essential in improving the kids’ attention and concentration.

What is needed

A small intact object that is not too easy to spot (some small bead or a rice grain will do.)

How it’s played

Allow the kids to sit on the floor and help them form a cycle. Choose someone who stays in the middle as ‘Bob, the Weasel’. Let them put their hands on their back and put the object in one of the hands and let him pass it over without Bob noticing.

Let Bob try and notice the current holder of the object and if he gets it right then that person becomes the next ‘Bob the Weasel’ and switches with the person in the center and the game continues similarly.

5. Up and Down

Don’t get it twisted.its exactly that, Up and Down. Here, the kids look up and down until they start being eliminated one by one. It’s not as cheap as you may think and here is what you need to know.

What’s needed

10-15 kids and some good playing space.

How it’s played

put the kids together to form a large cycle. Then you’ll either yell ‘Look Up’ or ‘Look Down’ then everybody goes the direction you’ve ordered.

Of course, you can’t miss the last to look up or down and that’s the catch. Try to be unpredictable, don’t allow them to know when you are likely to speak.

This game continues until you have one last person who becomes the winner. The game is simple but more fun and engaging.

6. What you sow.

What you sow is an indoor game that is interactive and enjoyable. It involves some accuracy and mostly It’s ideal for kids from 3 upto 10.

What is needed

A book and a pen.

How to play

In this game, you draw a big cycle on a paper and make several divisions within the cycle. In your divisions, write values ranging from 1000 upto any value. Get another paper and put down names of all participants.

You can write papers and allow them to pick to determine who starts the game. Now, going by one person at a time, the player closes the eyes and points any digit within the cycle using a pen and the scores are recorded against their names. The person whose total becomes the highest is the winner

What to do as a moderator

The most important thing as an adult or moderator in holding group games for kids is to ensure everyone part and given a fair go. If you notice some players are shy, try and gently build them up to having a more prominent role in the game, or use an activity that you might think they will personally excel at. It’s upon you to direct and guide the games and ensure your kids see the success they deserve!