Enjoying some fun moments with your teenage daughter is key to making them feel so special-especially as they grow up. You might love spending quality time with your kids but when they become of age, things begin to change.

The things you can do together during personal bonding moments take another direction. That’s why we’ve decided to come up with a list of activities in which you can engage your teenage daughter in case you are looking for fun ways to reconnect with your special girl. Here are ideas of fun things to do with your teenage daughter, you are not restricted to what you feel sums up the day.

1. Run Errands Together

Running errands does not turn out to be a thrilling adventure, but it is a great way to create time to spend together when your schedules are both hectic.

It can be a quick trip to the filling station to recharge your gas cylinder or an afternoon out to the grocery store for milk, errands are just more fun looking with the company of your daughter.

It is also a good opportunity to introduce your daughter to some adult responsibilities because, with time, they’ll be coming by themselves to pick these things or tackle these errands in your absence.

2. Get Pampered

This is something parents don’t always like to do, but those who’ve tried it register great outcomes. Depending on how much time we have and what our budget is, pampering takes several different forms like manicure/pedicure, massage, hair cut and styles.

Always spare some time especially as a mother to show your daughter love by pampering them and allow them to express it towards you too. Don’t feel shy or else someone else will do it to them, and you might regret the results.

3. Travel Together

You travel several times to attend various conferences or to college to see your Elder kid. Sometimes consider bringing your teenage daughter with you to one of these journeys.

These trips are a lot of fun since you have the benefit of a travel partner, again your daughter gets to go on an adventure. Together, you get to see and do new things.

Even if you have to spend all day working, build in a few extra days on either side of your work time to spend sightseeing with your daughter. On some trips, stay even extra days and hit several tourist destinations as much as you can.

4. Cook Together

Your daughter is a great cook, but she won’t come to this reality until you confirm it to her. Apart from those you’ve taught her, there are some rare skills she got from nature which you have to let her showcase.

As you help her with the cooking, try to correct her here and there and then finally tell her how great her cooking was. This gets your daughter moving and gives her the motive to learn more from friends to come and give you another shocker. But again, it helps bond the two parties together.

5. Watch Their Shows With Them

This might not be for you. But at least stay on the screen for some 30 minutes and enjoy together their best picks. Some will transport you back to your own tortured adolescence stage, but don’t show out. Stay calm and composed.

You can also help them choose any that you can spend more time watching and this will turn out to be a great experience. Just avoid the inappropriate and cringe-worthy films like the Fifty Shades trilogy, because no one enjoyed those movies. Absolutely no one.

6. Ask Her to Teach You Something

Children, especially those on their late teens know more than their parents can imagine. Don’t wait till the day your teenage daughter surprises you with their unique coding style. Encourage them to share these skills with you.

At 15 years of age, the world has taught your teenage daughter more than enough to share with you. You, therefore, need to break the boredom of always telling them what to do, sometimes be ready to listen.

It doesn’t actually matter what it is. She could teach you how to play Minecraft or dancing. This turns to be one of the best mother-daughter moments.

7. Photo Hunt

There are some extra steps that you need to make as a parent. On some of your free weekends, take your teen on a nature hike and hunt the beautiful creatures and landscape. Try to take as many photos as you can on your phone. Take the time beforehand to learn what animals you may see and their behavior. This will help your daughter know more about the animals you encounter and know how to handle them in future even in your absence. Your child will thus learn an appreciation for nature and all of its living creatures.

8. Exercise with Your Girl

Outdoor moments can be key to alleviating depression and anxiety to you and even your daughter. So when you are both indoors and the screens don’t seem interesting anymore, why don’t you go for some exercise?

From hiking to bike riding, there’s a class that will suit all of you. During days when the great outdoors doesn’t seem fashionable, barre and yoga are here to impress both of you. Simple, you can never miss any workout formula that befits and impresses both of you.

9. Try to change the lookout of her room

In case your daughter is lucky enough to have her own room, it’s time you think of helping her re-do its interior lookout. You see they spend most of their time there, and so they might be tired and bored up with its appearance. Don’t jump in and start decorating without enquiring from them. Painting isn’t very expensive but will turn out to be a fun project for both of you. Atleast listen to what they have to say and let them help you undertake the assignment. While little changes, like fairy lights, new artwork and some plants are easy and also fast, they also create bonding activities.

What to do for a great parent-daughter day

The most important thing you have to know is that quality time will look different for every family. It is therefore up to you to think about what is special to your little girl and do exactly THAT.