Stocking up your diaper bag is essential and will always save the day. However, what are the diaper bag essentials? There are so many factors to be considered, which will help you get your diaper bag in order. 

A diaper bag is something that both you and the newborn will necessitate by your side always. You can never hit the road leaving the pack behind as you will have to go back for it. The main question is, what are the diaper bag essentials? 

The information below highlights items that you need to incorporate in your diaper bag and tips for selecting the right bag. 

What you need to pack in the diaper bag

When identifying things to pack, moms tend to forget some of the items. It deems fit that you develop a list of everything that you need and mentally visualize over the list. 


Diapers are essential, and they top your list of essentials. Therefore, ensure to understand the age of your baby and pack a diaper for every hour that you will be out. It deems fit that you pack some extra ones for a rainy minute. 


It would help if you had both wet and dry wipes in the bag. Wipes enable you to keep your baby fresh more so when changing them. You need to wipe the bum of your baby, and you also need to clean your hands. Therefore, ensure to get a good pack of wet wipes as well as dry wipes.

Hand sanitizer

After changing the baby’s diaper, you need to keep your hands clean. A hand sanitizer makes it possible for you to clean up more so when you are on the road, and there is no place to wash your hands.

Changing pad

When traveling, you should always consider having a changing pad. At times, you may find your diaper bag accompanied by a reusable changing pad when buying it. Where the changing pad is not available, you should consider buying one. When traveling, consider purchasing and packing disposable changing pads instead. 

Baby cream

You need to protect the bum of your baby. Therefore, consider using diaper cream whenever you change the baby. Creating space for the baby cream in your diaper bag is essential and will save the day. 

Empty bags

You need to have biodegradable sacks or plastic bags in your bag. The soiled diapers are bulky, and you can never place them back in your bag. Endeavor to stock as many as possible in the bag as they will also help in stocking the used clothes and blankets. 

The empty bags should never be placed in reach of the baby as they pose a suffocation threat. 

Bottles, bottle nipples, and pacifiers

Where your baby is formula-fed, you should consider having bottles in your diaper bag. The containers should be packed in a clean bag where they do not mix with other items like the baby cream. Endeavor to pack several pacifiers and bottle nipples. 


The age of your child matters great a deal. When the child is feeding, you should always pack some food for them. Therefore, ensure to pack baby food on a jar and do not forget a spoon. You could carry two or so spoons. 

Ensure to have some bottled water to clean the spoon when necessary. Carry enough snacks for the baby throughout the journey to avoid inconveniences. 


Keeping the baby hydrated is the best thing you need to consider as a mom. Therefore, consider packing some juice, water, milk, or even yogurt. 

Baby’s blanket

A blanket will help you keep the baby warm in case it gets cold. You can also use the sheet to cover the baby or substitute the changing pad. Where your bag is spacious enough, you should consider stocking more than one blanket. 

Clothing for your child

You must never leave the house without having extra clothes for your young one. It is possible to have your child throwing up or spitting upon the garments. In other instances, the poop explosion happens, and without extra clothes, confusion reigns. 

A hat and sunscreen 

A hat is one of the diaper bag essentials. It does not matter whether the weather is warm or cold. The hat is universal since it prevents the baby from excessive cold and sun. Having sunscreen will also help prevent the baby from the sun. 

Your details

You can never tell when an emergency might occur. Therefore, ensure to pack a card detailing your personal information and emergency contact list. In the card, you should have details of your doctor and that of your pediatrician. Information about your medical insurance cover should be incorporated as well and a card available in the bag. 

Other items necessitated in the bag

You need to understand that there are diaper bag essentials, and there are extra things or items that you need to pack in the bag just in case. Here is a list. 


You can never tell when a fun-filled moment will pop up. Having a camera helps you capture the memories right and on time. 

Breast pads

Milk leaking is a possibility when breastfeeding. Nonetheless, through the breast pads, it is possible to keep your blouse clean and free from the milk leaks. 

Nail clippers

As a mom, you always need to keep your baby’s nails neat. A nail clipper will still be practical once the child falls asleep. Therefore, endeavor to pack it in the bag. 

First aid kit

You need to have a first aid kit with all the essentials. You can never tell when a minor accident occurs. 

Toys and entertainment materials

Avoid leaving the house without carrying some of your baby’s favorite toys or books. 

Tips to consider when buying your diaper bag

When purchasing the diaper bag, you need to make sure that the lining is waterproof. The bag should have several compartments, which will enable you to arrange your diaper bag essentials correctly. 

Once you have bought your bag, you should consider purchasing resealable bags. The bags will help you pack all your liquefied items without fearing leaks. 

Always examine the size that works for you. The color is still dependent on your tastes and preferences. Buying more than one diaper bag is always helpful more so when they are of different sizes. 

As a mom, you should plan and avoid surprises from the moment you step out of the house. Always keep your diaper bag stocked since you can never tell when you will need to take a quick trip. 

What should you pack in your diaper bag?

There are some things which should never miss in your diaper bag. These are; baby wipes, extra diapers, hand sanitizer and a plastic bag to pack the used diapers.

Do you really need a diaper bag?

The answer is yes. A diaper bag is a good place to put everything the baby needs in one place especially when you are travelling.

Do you bring a diaper bag to the hospital?

This is not a must not unless you need to feed the baby on milk formula. Otherwise the hospital has all the needed things that a baby may require.

Should you wipe baby every diaper change?

Yes, it is something that you should do after every change . This is because pee iritates the skin of the baby.