A walk into the teenage world

Parenting a teenager is not easy. It is hard work that requires a good deal of patience and understanding. This article will look into the common teenage problems and how to deal with them.

Going through different teenage phases is accompanied by the significant spiritual and physical changes. Adolescence is therefore no exception. It is the moment of extreme behavior change and rebellion.

Young adults tirelessly search for their ‘rightful’ places in the world and pave their road in life. And, of course, they can’t do without making mistakes along the way.

They easily surrender or simply give in to temptations and find themselves into big and small issues. Maintaining a trust-based relationship between parents and their children is therefore paramount. With this in mind, let us consider some common teenage problems and possible solutions to them.

1. Depression 

This is the most common mental health challenge encountered by many teenagers which often leads to fatal incidences-suicide being one of them. Often times, children in their teen years are prone to seclude from the outside world. They tend to ignore their family and even refuse to discuss their problems.

It’s simply because they may suffer from depression, which makes them feel ignored, empty, downhearted, and hopeless. These teenagers are still in a state of self confusion and so differentiating sadness and depression is not something most of them are capable of. A number of factors can result in depression and the reaction of each teen is different from such things.

Major symptoms of depression in teens include sleep problems, disturbed mental health, preoccupation with death and suicide, the prolonged sad or angry mood among many others. Some of them will also tend to wear black clothing; scientists are gods in their own world, they’ll give you the reason for this.

Far from that, if you recognize some of these symptoms, you need to wake up, make a move. Inquire from your child to share their feelings with you. Come up with a new hobby together with them, teach them to learn to appreciate the small things that life brings forth.

2. Addiction to Cyberspace

It’s no lie that youngsters are hooked to the Internet these days. According to research,92% of them go online daily from their smartphones. They play games on social media, chat, and watch funny videos, some of which are destructive to their developing minds. Some of them even go an extra mile and forget about the limits. They can peck through the internet all day.

Those who take their phones to school keep checking on them even at night and this even results in poor academic performance. And it’s a great problem. Cyberspace addiction can even deprive them of sleep and result in serious mental difficulties.

Plunging too much into the virtual world can lead to detachment with the reality, imagine a teen who watches horror movies, or one who is addicted to pornography. In addition to that, the internet also has lots of online predators and cyber criminals.

To alleviate internet addiction, parents and guardians should closely monitor their kid’s online activities. There are several parental control apps that will help you oversee this.

It would also be good to reduce the time they use the smartphone. Do not be scared to establish these boundaries. They will appreciate you one day.

3. Drug and Substance Abuse

You see life sometimes can be very deceitful. Some teenagers believe they are mature enough to start smoking cigarettes, drink spirits or just take drugs. They do this for several reasons but one apparent reason is because they don’t understand life.

First, we would say it’s trendy. All who society considers as bad guys are smokers and drinkers or either. Unfortunately, these are the famous figures in our society and many youngsters would wish to be like them. After all, none wants to be a black sheep and again it’s a cheap way to move away from the storms of life.

Unbearable life situations would sometimes make teenagers find alcohol and drug oblivion so tempting. Adolescents also tend to adopt bad behavior from parents and people around them. If a father is a heavy drinker, then of course like father like son.

To help teens battle drug abuse and related bad habits, parents need to be close to their children, show them love and care. Talk to your kid about the dangers of drug and alcohol abuse. Don’t shy away, talk to them calmly and confidently. Give them pieces of advice on this matter.

4. Behavior Problems

At times, teens can be extremely obnoxious. For no apparent reason, they may curse at their parents and just do very nasty things. Teenage is a very challenging phase in life, they can just decide to make a scene without even the slightest reason and get on people’s nerves.

They may even decide to run away from their parents or homes to hang out with a bad company, which to them is good. They tend to behave in different and very awkward ways.

They just feel singled out and depressed which makes them withdraw into themselves and start ignoring parents and peers. It’s therefore necessary to find an individual approach to each child.

To handle adolescent behavioral problems, you should always remain patient and collected no matter what. Always treat your kid as a grown up. Know that they are undergoing a tempting stage in their life.

Always encourage them to find some passion for throwing out their negative emotions. Try to show your willingness to listen to their concerns however stupid they might seem.

4. Negative Attitude Towards Parents

This seems interesting and also worrying. Most children in their teens tend to reject their parents or elder siblings. They do not show interest in communicating often or even confiding in them. They are more comfortable and feel safe in their friend’s company more than at home or with parents. This is common with every teenager.

Sometimes bringing up a teenager will be so tempting but as a parent, you have to stay strong and supportive. You must understand that this is a temporary phase and children too know they still need their parents no matter how reluctant they act.

It is common to have teenagers’ problems with parents who don’t think your child is extraordinary. Try to consult with fellow parents, get to understand similar problems they have with their kids, and possibly how they deal with them.

What you have to Know

A child is a child, and you will always be their parent. One thing you will have to conquer is that you also underwent a similar stage in your life. So the one and only best solution for these problems are to offer care and unconditional love to your kid. Try to be their best friend and give them the right directions without being demanding.