Being anxious, following the news that you are pregnant is normal. Whe you are 8 weeks pregnant , your baby’s crucial parts and organs are formed, and it is your turn to avail the care necessitated by the fetus. 

Time is of great essence when pregnant. At 8weeks pregnant, you must have shared the news with your partner. A prenatal visit must be slotted before week eight. During this phase or stage, it deems fit that you get an ultrasound to acknowledge the position of the baby. 

What is the size of the baby after eight weeks?

An eight weeks old baby isn’t that big, and the size is compared to that of a raspberry. The size of the baby is 0.63 inches and weighs around 0.04 ounces. The growth of the baby is estimated to be one millimeter every day. 

At eight weeks, you are two months on. A full pregnancy term is nine months, and therefore, you are in the peak of the first trimester. When it comes to doctors, they avoid classifying pregnant stages by months, but they instead use weeks. 

Symptoms that are dominant at week eight pregnancy

When 8 weeks pregnant, you will probably have a problem with everything in terms of smell. The majority of the moms tend to smell everything and classify it as stinking. There are symptoms that you are entitled to record, and they are pinpointed here. 

Swollen breasts 

The arrival of the baby will commence the feeding stage. Therefore, following your pregnancy, your breasts will start getting ready for the feeding. As a result, you will have your breasts expanding, getting more substantial and more prominent. 


8 weeks into your pregnancy, your hormones tend to fluctuate, which makes you experience fatigue. The baby is developing and growing, and they necessitate more blood.

Therefore, your body keeps producing more and more blood for the baby. The fetus needs to grow progressively, and the growth is dependent on your body. 

The idea that the fetus needs more blood contributes to the low blood pressure experienced by moms. Additionally, you will record a lowered sugar level. 

Your body will remain fatigued when eight weeks pregnant. The most remarkable solution is for you to sleep often. Therefore, establish an early bed-time routine for you and, when necessary, ensure you have a nap. 

Morning sickness

As your hormones fluctuate, you will have a robust nauseous feeling. At week eight, the feeling is stronger and you might be experiencing a lot of vomiting. The best way to remain safe throughout the morning sickness phase is to drink a lot of water and fluids. 

At this time, keeping food down in the stomach becomes a problem. Therefore, you need to define ways through which you will acquire all nutrients. Ginger plays a vital role in eliminating the nauseous feeling. Apart from ginger, you should consider prenatal vitamins. 

An elevated sense of smell

Everything has an awful odor at this stage. Many moms have the smell of something they have been using during pre-pregnancy bothering them now. Therefore, endeavor to understand those things that you have become smell-sensitive towards and avoid them like the plague. 


Pregnancy cramps are very normal at this stage. Your uterus is experiencing progressive expansion, which forces the abdomen ligaments to stretch. The stretching tends to cause mild cramping. Where the cramping upgrades from mild to severe, you should consider seeing a doctor for examination.


The majority of women experience constipation when pregnant. Therefore, you need to stay hydrated all through. Food rich in fiber should also be part and parcel of your diet. There are constipating foods like rice that you need to hate and dispense from your diet entirely. 

Exercising helps you fight constipation. The best way to exercise or remain physically active is by taking walks. Well, where your constipation fails to respond to these efforts, you should consider consulting with your doctor. 

Funny dreams

Weird is the name describing the dreams you have at 8 weeks pregnant. The pregnancy is making you anxious, and the anxiety brings about so many thoughts. It is where you are thinking a lot that you get to experience weird dreams. 


The majority of pregnant women have a misconception that bleeding during pregnancy equals to a miscarriage.

Well, this is not the case. Spotting is normal. In the first trimester, you will have a lot of spots due to the changes taking place. 

Your cervix is overly sensitive. The implantation in the uterus could also bring about spotting. It deems fit that you visit your OB for examination where the spotting is heavy. 

When you have more than one baby

If your pregnancy is of twins or more than one baby, the nauseous feeling is severe or excessive. The level of exhaustion will double as compared to a mom pregnant with one baby.

The hormonal changes will cause your body to react differently. However, ensure that your body adjusts accordingly.  It is not always that you record the symptoms. Being at eight weeks and having no symptoms at all is very normal and should never cause alarm whatsoever. 

How is the eight weeks pregnant belly?

The majority of pregnant moms start showing their pregnancy at week eight. Nonetheless, the showing isn’t that much but a bit. Some moms don’t experience belly changes even at this time, which is very normal. 

The uterus is experiencing some expansion, and since people are different, the external manifestation might take time. It is hard to tell if a singleton mom is pregnant when eight weeks pregnant through examining the belly unlike when a mom is pregnant with twins.  

Your doctor is required to measure the belly of your stomach right from the 2nd trimester. Nonetheless, your weight gain journey matters a great deal, and this must be measured. Whenever you have concerns with your weight addition and belly development, your doctor must be of ultimate help. 

Ultrasound at eight weeks pregnant

A prenatal visit is necessitated at week eight. The first visit plays a significant role. It is during this visit that an ultrasound of the fetus is availed.

The 8 weeks pregnant ultrasound aims at examining the overall development and formation of the baby and the organs. To make sure that your baby is developing accordingly, you should consider prenatal vitamins daily. 

At eight weeks, your body is adjusting to the idea that you are pregnant and that you have seven months to go. Therefore, understanding what to expect and how to handle yourself makes things better and easier for you. Your baby needs you and needs all the care until its arrival. 

Can you start to show at 8 weeks?

Most women in the second pregnancy may have a baby bump due to the abdomen stretching as a result of the first pregnancy.

What is fetus doing at 8 weeks?

At week 8, the fetus has a regular heart beat and the legs and fingers grow longer.

What symptoms should experience at week 8

Since your heart is pumping more blood than before, you might experience nausea, vomiting and even mood swings

What are the chances of miscarriage at 8 weeks?

Research shows that most women who have miscarriages have them at week 6. Therefore, the chances are very low at this stage.